If you ever thought about pole dance... Flight Fitness is perfect place to start at beginner courses and continue in more advanced classes! It is amazing what you can achieve. If you up to something more, don't worry there is always something exiting going on in the Flight Fitness studio and you can sign in for it. I love its great atmosphere. And finally how good to have Lauren, our always smiling and full of energy instructor.

Paulina, Pole Dance Student

Beautiful studio with nice high poles and plenty of space both above and below the hoops. Lauren's a fantastic instructor, super friendly and patient who knows how to make sure you get the most out of your session regardless of your level. 10/10 would recommend!

Jo, Aerial Hoop Student

Best decision ever to join flight fitness 6 week pole dancing course, relaxed atmosphere, excellent teaching, having the best time, just signed on for another 6 weeks but can see this being a long term hobby x thanks ladies x

Amanda, Pole Dance Student

You have to try this class - no matter what your age or lack of upper body strength - you will be inspired and see improvements in your strength! The classes are so well structured and taught, the atmosphere very comfortable and supportive, you won't regret it. My absolute favourite part of the week now, swinging and hanging upside on a pole!

Linda, Pole Dance Student