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Congratulations Ladies! Six Week Pole Dance Course Completed!

It's amazing how time flies. Six weeks ago this group of lovely ladies started a Pole Dance course here at Flight Fitness, and in that time they have learnt tricks, spins and a lovely routine they performed at the end. They didn't want the dance routine video uploaded but let me assure you - they…
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Student Progress: August 2012

We love to celebrate achievement here at Flight Fitness, whether big or small. Our students have recently done us very proud by learning lots of new moves on both the Pole and Aerial Hoop! To see everyone's fantastic progress click here and like our Facebook page!
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Men Can Do Aerial Hoop Too!

  Resident Circus Skills teacher Adam Scott is back fresh from performing in Kuwait and has been picking up new skills left, right and centre! Check out these fantastic photos of him in the aerial hoop, proving once and for all that men can do aerial hoop and still make it look manly. If you…
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