Aerial Silks

Flight Fitness is the only studio in Leicester to offer such a wide range of Aerial Arts. Choose from Aerial Hoop (also known as Lyra), Aerial Silks (also known as Tissu), Aerial Cube and Trapeze.

We have an eaves height of 5 metres so loads of space to learn your new skill!


Aerial Silks Four/Five Week Course

One of the most beautiful aerial disciplines, Aerial Silks is a length of specialist material suspended from the rigging which enables you to climb, create shapes and perform sequences while suspended off the ground. Large crash mats are provided and our instructor will always be on hand to guide you through the steps.

The fitness benefits of Aerial Silks is an all over body workout with a focus on the arms, shoulders, core, abdominals, back and legs. Learn to fly while building strength, getting more flexible and having fun!

Currently Aerial Silks is only available as a four/five week course - for more information checkout our COURSES section.

Aerial Silks Private Classes

Private classes are a great way to progress quickly in your chosen art form. Work with the same instructor each time to perfect your moves and work on your own individual plans based on what you want to achieve. Whether you are just starting out, have specific goals or want to work at a more intense pace, this class can be completely tailored to suit your goals.

For more information checkout our PRIVATE CLASSES section.

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