Flight Fitness has hosted some big names in pole dance, aerial arts and circus skills in the past and we are currently booking more! We are always searching to bring you the best teachers and biggest names to boost your skills. If you have an idea for someone you would like to see teaching here, get in touch.



2013 Masterclasses

  • Death Punch Dave - pole dance

2014 Masterclasses

  • Jamie Taylor - pole dance
  • Bendy Kate - pole dance
  • Kay Dent - hula hoop
  • Leanne Laird - aerial silks
  • Gail O'Brien - hula hoop
  • Alex Green - contact staff

2015 Masterclasses

  • Leanne Laird - aerial silks
  • Sarah Scott - pole dance
  • Jamie Taylor - pole dance
  • Kristina Nekiya -

More to be announced - check out our MASTERCLASSES section for more details.

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