Covid-19 Policy

At Flight Fitness we will be making several changes in order to respond to the Covid-19 crisis. See below for details but bear in mind that this is a working document and may change based on government advice, rules and guidelines. If you are unsure about any of the information listed here please contact us, we are always here for you. This document was written on 12th June 2020.

Covid-19 Precautions in Classes

  1. Please wash your hands on arrival to the studio and departure from the studio or use the hand sanitiser located in the dispensers at the 3 main doors in the studio (front door, aerial studio door and pole studio door)
  2. Please bring your own pole towels and pole cleaner if possible. Communal towels will not be available.
  3. Please don't use the white cube bag / clothing cubby holes. We can't guarantee social distancing or manage cross contamination if these are used. Please keep all bags and personal belongings near you in the studio. We will have plenty of space due to reduced class numbers so there will be no potential trip hazards. The instructor will also be keeping an eye on the space and making sure it is safe for everyone in terms of trip hazards and other potential physical dangers.
  4. Please arrive dressed for your activity if this is possible. The toilets will be open for use but we cannot guarantee they will be deep cleaned inbetween uses so please bear this in mind when visiting the studio. The communal changing rooms are out of use temporarily until social distancing guidelines have been relaxed.
  5. Please enter through the front door as normal but we will be using the back door / fire escape as a temporary exit point to avoid bottlenecking people in reception. This will ensure social distancing measures are adhered to.
  6. Please either wait in your car until 5 minutes before class or wait outside in the car park where it is safe to do so. Please only wait in reception if social distancing can be respected and if you feel unsafe in the carpark. Please don't wait in corridors as this will contribute to over crowding and will lead to an unsafe situation. When you arrive 5 minutes before class please come straight through to the main studio where the instructor will direct you to your allocated pole with space to place your items.
  7. Please have catch up conversations in the car park either before or after class rather than in the studio corridors. We will be encouraging a social atmosphere while at Flight Fitness but we respectfully ask that people keep corridors clear for other visitors and maintain social distance at all times. This will also ensure that instructors have time and space to clean inbetween classes.
  8. Please social distance while in the studio and be respectful of other's boundaries. For a lot of people it is a big step to leave their house and enter into a communal building and we aim to make this experience as smooth and worry free as possible. Please help us by respecting the social distance rule and making your fellow class goers feel at ease.
  9. All pole classes will be one person per pole temporarily (normally it is 2 people per pole). This may change so please see our booking system for the most up to date list of times and class sizes.
  10. Instructors will be cleaning inbetween classes to ensure everyone feels safe. We will be cleaning door handles, floors, poles and anywhere else people may have touched during their visit to the studio.
  11. Please don't attend classes if you have developed any of the following symptoms: fever, fatigue (defined as profound lack of energy, slowed movements, feelings of muscle weakness), dry cough, anosmia (this means you have noticed you cannot taste or smell anything, or things taste or smell different to normal). Please contact us if these symptoms develop so we can rearrange classes.
  12. Please feel free to bring your own mask and PPE if you wish to use it.
  13. Please don't share phones or personal items but feel free to take pics on your phone and send them to your classmates 🙂
  14. We will only be spotting if the danger to life is greater than the threat of Covid-19 infection. Please note this may mean that some moves that required heavy spotting will not be taught until social distancing measures have been relaxed by the government. Covid-19 health and safety is our top priority at present but we will still challenge you with combos, strength training and other cool things in class.
  15. The tea and coffee making facilities will not be available for the forseeable. Please bring your own flasks, water bottles or other drinking recepticles as mugs / cups / glasses will not be available for use. The water tap will still be functional and can be used but we cannot guarantee it will be cleaned between each person. Please wash hands after filling up your own water bottles etc.

What will happen if someone tests positive for Covid-19?

In the event of a student or instructor testing positive for Covid-19 we will implement the following procedure:

  1. Everyone who came into contact with said student or instructor will be notified and it will be suggested they should isolate for 14 days (based on government advice dated 12th June 2020). This includes Flight Fitness instructors.
  2. The student or instructor will remain anonymous. There is no shame in telling us about a positive test and there will be no ramifications going forwards. Please contact us via email and rest assured all conversations will remain strictly private.
  3. The studio will be fully shut and all classes suspended in order to deep clean the entire building and all equipment. This will take between one and two days to achieve.
  4. Classes will still continue after the deep clean and will be lead by alternative instructors until the affected instructor(s) have completed their isolation period. If no instructors are available then classes will cease until an instructor has completed their isolation period.

Please note Flight Fitness will strictly adhere to all social distancing and cleaning procedures as set out above. We ask people not to attend classes if they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 or who has developed the symptoms listed above. Please note that if you classify as 'at risk' or live with someone who is classified as 'at risk' we suggest contacting us to discuss options. There is no rush to return to classes if you are worried about safety. We will still be here long into the future 🙂

This is new territory for every business - small, medium and giant corporate alike. We are doing our best to keep on top of current guidelines and rules but we are human, we will make mistakes. If you see something that could be improved please contact us so we have a chance to rectify it. Please don't flame us online without giving us an opportunity to improve. If you have suggestions, improvements or want to give us some feedback please drop us a line at - we are open to suggestions in every area of the studio and the services we offer and we are always ready to listen.