"I was initially pretty nervous about learning to pole dance – I had terrifying visions of super slim young women gracefully doing the splits and wiggling to the max, but when I turned up I couldn’t have been more wrong. Flight Fitness is such a welcoming and beautiful place to go into (it's a HUGE space with comfy sofas and lovely polished floor) and what's more it's completely professional and relaxed – if you don't want to wiggle you don't have to wiggle!

After going to a few classes I got completely hooked, Luckily Lauren is expecting that from her students so you can pay for a block of lessons and use them throughout the month/fortnight/week depending how addicted you become.

There are so many benefits to pole dancing that I wasn't expecting – I've made some great friends there, lost a LOT of weight (goodbye muffin tops) and progressed onto other types of aerial fitness which are equally fun!

We have such a laugh at pole that I would really recommend it – no matter what size or shape you are!"

Claire, Pole Dance Student